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Why Amerus Financial Group

Life Insurance Lakeland Florida

Amerus Financial Group has been meeting the Life Insurance needs of families and individuals for over 20 years. We are a full-service brokerage, contracted with over 50 different A-rated Life Insurance companies. We make it easy to find the right affordable life insurance plan for your family.
We understand that everyone has different needs and objectives. So instead of a one size fits all approach, we take the time to customize a life insurance plan for your unique needs and circumstances.

Life Insurance Types

Lakeland Life Insurance

Wholesale Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance has guaranteed premiums and death benefits, and a minimum interest rate which will be credited to the funds accumulated in the policy. On some whole life policies higher interest rates may be credited to those funds depending on the future performance of the company's.

Term Life Insurance

Term Policies provide life insurance for a specified period of time. These policies provide benefits in the event of death, but they generate no “cash value”. If you have a limited amount to spend, and only need insurance for a finite period of time, you may be able to get more coverage by buying term insurance than by buying whole life or universal life insurance. Keep in mind that the cost of term insurance increases as you get older, which may make it more expensive than cash value insurance in the long run.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life differs from whole life insurance in that it allows the policy owner to vary, with limitations, the amount and timing of premium payments and the death benefit. Cash values are accumulated by crediting premium payments and interest to a fund from which deductions are made for expenses and cost of insurance..

Life Insurance Options